OSHA/Safety Training

About OSHA/Safety Training

Lonestar CPR and First Aid Training LLC has a variety of options to meet your OSHA/Safety needs. The safety of your employees and investments/equipment are of the highest priority to Lonestar CPR and First Aid Training LLC. OSHA awareness level courses, site safety surveys/inspections, mock OSHA inspections, safety and rescue plan development, safety policy and procedure manual development, and assisting with any other safety issues are all offered by Lonestar CPR to aid in maintaining adherence to compliance regulations and promoting employee safety.

Navigating the OSHA, NFPA, ANSI, state regulations and laws can be extremely confusing and overwhelming. Lonestar CPR and First Aid Training LLC stands ready to assist you in developing a robust safety program to mitigate illness and injury, protect your investments, and remain compliant with the applicable laws.

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